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The Dining

[ld_fancy_heading tag=”h6″ alignment=”text-center”]We offer a charming, spacious restaurant with a lounge, a loft and roof top seating. Whether you are eating alone or want to have a party we can accommodate you.

Simplicity and flavour is the highlight of the food we offer with a mix of Pakistani, Local and our own fusion recipes. Our food mostly uses the local produce, making the best use of the exotic nuts, flours, fruits and oils of the area. As there is no compromise on flavour, we will however, slip in some international produce for our pastas, burgers and pizzas.

You will occasionally be treated to freshly baked pies, brownies, cakes, cookies and desserts, as well as our signature 10- ingredient granola made from local nuts and dried fruits.

So come and have breakfast, lunch or dinner with us, enjoy the view of Rakaposhi from the rooftop, although you may have some cheeky birds asking for a handout. Our restaurant team led by Chef Rashid will make your dining experience a pleasure.